Even from an early age, Jason was always immersed in his artwork. He would spend countless hours filling up sketchbooks with his various, imaginative creations. Noticing his innate artistic talent, his parents encouraged him to pursue his passion even more by enrolling him in art classes. Despite his increasing interest in his craft, Jason made the ultimate decision to put aside his artistic venture, and instead, attend college with the aim of joining the Army ROTC to serve his country.

After completing his four years in ROTC, Jason expected to continue his service as an officer in the army. His hopes were suddenly thwarted when, toward the end of his 3rd year, a medical issue from the past prevented him from commissioning as an officer. Upon this rejection, Jason faced uncertainty about what his future would hold for him.

Following graduation, Jason went back to his roots and picked up his paintbrush again. During his free time, he would paint scenes depicted in military novels and share them online for others to appreciate. His work started getting noticed, and he eventually caught the attention of the family members of the men who lost their lives during Operation Red Wings (portrayed in the well-known book Lone Survivor). They commissioned him to recreate that battle scene, which was auctioned off with the proceeds donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation. This painting, along with another of his commissioned pieces, is now displayed in the Navy SEAL Museum. In the coming days, Jason received many more requests to do commemorative work, not only for the Navy, but also for other branches of the military as well (including family members who lost their loved ones in combat). As he generated more pieces, he went on tour across the country displaying his featured work with the Graffiti of War- a military art show that raises awareness for soldiers with PTSD. He was able to combine his love for both artwork and the armed forces, which he continues to do to this day.

As the years went on, he began to notice the rise in the quality of work that was being produced within the tattoo industry. Fascinated, Jason combed through various tattooing magazines and became intrigued by the idea of becoming a tattoo artist. He landed an apprenticeship at Double Deez tattoos, which marked the pivotal moment when he realized he discovered a new passion (or as he describes it, an “obsession”). He was drawn to the permanent, personal aspect of a tattoo and how it could impact his client’s life in such a positive way.

Today, Jason feels blessed to be a part of the tattoo industry. He loves seeing the rise in acceptance of tattoos in society and how the standard of talent has raised prior to previous years. He continues to take on commissions on the side, such as a painting featured in the Netflix show Stranger Things. Jason looks forward to working more with his amazing clients and developing relationships with new ones. He values collaborating the client’s wants with his own custom creations. If you would like to inquire with Jason about either a tattoo or a commission, you can reach him at jasonnicholsonart@gmail.com or send him a message through this website.

Both my paintings hanging in the UDT/Navy SEAL museum in Fort Pierce, FL.