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Battle For Murphy's Ridge

Battle For Murphy's Ridge-Michael Murphy Operation Red Wing Navy SEALs Medal of Honor
Battle For Murphy's Ridge

Battle For Murphy's Ridge
Operation Red Wings
LT Michael Murphy
(May 7, 1976 - June 28, 2005)

This Painting measures 30"x40", is executed in oil colors and has a total working time of 123 hours. LT Murphy lead a four man reconnaissance team into the mountains of Afghanistan which consisted of 2nd class Mathew Axelson, 2nd class Danny Dietz and 1st class Marcus Luttrell to kill or capture a key Taliban leader. Upon the mission the team was surrounded by over 300 Taliban fighters and were engaged in a 2 hour long firefight. With the team short of ammo and severely wounded Murphy made the quick decision to call to HQ for reinforcements. Unfortunately he couldn't get service in his location so the LT willingly walked out into the line of gunfire sat down on a rock and made the call. Upon relaying his position to the commander he was shot in the back, he then dropped his phone, and slouched forward from the impact. But then he braced himself, picked the phone back up finished relaying the grid coordinates and ended the call in "Roger that, sir. Thank you." Michael Murphy was killed in action that day, and was the first SEAL officer to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. In this painting LT Murphy is shown in the center of gunfire about to make the call to HQ. Marcus Luttrell is in the background with the expression of disbelief along with Axe dodging the rock fragments of the rounds and RPGs. If you want to read a great book about LT Michael Murphy then I suggest buying "SEAL Of Honor."

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